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About Us is a website that gives you a link to download versions of the Blender App. As you know, this app is useful for creating animations, whether in the form of images, videos and more with a 3D or 2D version. 

Ton Roosendaal is an art director. This blender is free, you can use whatever you like. Blender can be used on Linux operating systems. Windows and macOS. In addition, portable versions are also available.

This is not linked to the official Blender website ( 

Here we only provide and make it easy for you to get to the link to download the Blender app to the device you are going to use. written by writers who belong to the blender community. Out of his love for Blender, the author tried to put together several versions of Blender to make it easier for people to download Blender. 

The author is from Indonesia who is part of the blender community in Indonesia. Hopefully, the efforts of the Author can help friends who need a Blender, thank you.

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