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What News In Blender 2.92 Download For Windows

Blender 2.92 Download For Windows

Back with another blender new version video for you today so big news the newest version of blender 2.92 came out yesterday and so I wanted to walk through some.

Of the new things that are contained inside of this new version so we'll kind of walk through these I'll talk about the ones that I like the most and then you can go download that.

Check them out for yourself so let's go ahead and just jump into it alright so first things first you can download the new version by going to

If you look on this front page, you can click on the link right here in order to find that newest release and so as to, always you can download this for free because that is what blender is all about.

So you don't need to pay anything or anything like that and we'll talk about that more in the future but please consider supporting blender.

So they can keep developing these new versions but when you click on this you get taken to this page where it basically shows you all the new features that are in here.

So I thought we'd kind of scroll through talk about some level maybe flip back and forth to blend so the biggest, new feature in here at least in my opinion is easily going to be the geometry nodes.

So the geometry nodes um at least the parts that they have complete are now officially released and that's going to be a really cool tool that's really going to change the way that.

We can do procedural style modeling inside of the blender so I will link to a video down below where I talk about this more in-depth but basically what this allows us to do is add a geometry nodes modifier.

Then use the modifier to work with our geometry and what this is going to do is this is going to give us a lot more control over different aspects of things inside of a blender.

So it's really great for scattering things and applying math so there are some amazing things being done.

If you follow anything having to do with the blender on Twitter you've probably seen some of the really cool features that are contained inside of geometry nodes.

So we're going to talk about a bunch more of those in the future but for now, i would really recommend just downloading this and getting kind of comfortable with the way that the interface works.

Because once you start thinking about the way that this once you start thinking the way that geometry node,  work you can really create some cool stuff.

So more about that in the future but I am very excited about the geometry nodes in a blender and, so I would say one of the things that really has been getting a lot of attention lately with the new blender releases.

is the sculpting tools contained inside of sculpting, so it seems like every time this comes out there's just a ton of different tools that are included in this version that allows.

you to do different things with the sculpting so if you use the sculpting tool you've got to be really happy about the different things that are being placed in here specifically they're talking about some new tool.

They've added including the silhouette tool which allows you to grab objects based on one side of the mesh without affecting the other side there's also an elastic snake tool.

which really seems to be great for sketching out high-level shapes as well as a really fun-looking tool that basically allows you to select things and it's going to remove those.

And then it's going to merge and smooth the faces on the inside so that's what I really do want to play around with I don't do a ton of sculpting but I can definitely appreciate the amount of attention that's being paid to these features.

If you're into sculpting you've got to be really happy about what they're doing with these right now so the add primitive tool has been added and this tool is basically designed to let you add primitive shapes really quickly using just two clicks.

So if we jump over into blender and let's say we wanted to add some primitives in here you can find that tool over here on the left-hand side and notice how there are options for things like cubes cones cylinders other things.

Like that and really all I'm having to do is just click and drag in order to set a base and then move my mouse in order to move things up and down and so notice how this.

Shows you inside a blender what face you're drawing these along so this allows you to really quickly add those primitive shapes and what it's being built as it's being billed as a tool for quickly blocking out scenes.

And other things like that but it is really great for getting those shapes in here really quickly.

So I'm interested to see what people are going to do with this um it's not a super sophisticated tool but it is an addition to the modeling toolset which I think is going to be really interesting all right so they've also added a new model for fluid simulations.

So if you remember flip fluids has been kind of the uh it's been the simulation method that's been used in the past for creating these fluid simulations and the difference is this new version is less splashy in the sense that you don't get as many particles thrown in the air.

So you can see how this one on the right-hand side just looks a little bit more stable than the one on the left-hand side so if you're doing fluid simulations this new method could be something that's really going to be helpful for you.

I do like the result that's created over here it does seem like the fluid just isn't going quite as crazy and I don't know if I would say that it's more realistic as much as.

i would just say that it's different and so it's definitely something that you could use and try in order to get different results with your fluid simulations so the compositor.

Now has a new node that allows you to adjust exposure inside of the compositor so that's going to allow you to really get a little bit more control over the lighting inside of your images so if you do work with the compositor make sure that you check out this node.

Because it's really going to give you a lot more control over the brightness of your images so they've also added the ability to use hybrid rendering with optics so if you go into blender under edit preferences and then you go down to your system under both Cuda and optics there's the option in here.

Check the box for Geforce or whatever your graphics card is i believe this is only working with Nvidia cards and your processor itself as well so you can now do that hybrid rendering using optics so a few other improvements as well there's been multiple improvements to grease pencil.

Which again is another tool that I don't use a ton but if you do um these seem really interesting so specifically things like being able to edit your strokes like bezier curves which give.

You control over the way that you can edit these different things inside of blender as well as being able to bring in image sequences with the trace image function a new smooth feature and a bunch of other features in here as well so um you can see all of these changes by going to this page right here.

You can click on each one of them and it'll take you either to the developer link or um to the wiki down below so there's been a ton of other things that have changed as well so some different changes for even cycles as well as some animation changes.

As well as a big list of just UI changes so really the best way to look at these is just to click on this button right here for the release notes and go to that page so that page is going to give you information on all of those different things so for example.

If you were to go into cycles you can see um what exactly has changed in all of those different things so if you want to dive a little bit deeper make sure that you check out this page but again.

I want to reiterate if you can please consider supporting the blender development funds you can find that link at the bottom of that new features page and I'll link to it in the notes down below as well remember that all of these developers need to get paid for their time.

And there's just a ton of people working to make blender better and if you want to be a part of that you can do that by contributing in here and so you don't need to contribute a lot but this is something that allows them to continue to make blender free for everyone.

So that's where i'm gonna end this video leave a comment below let me know what features in here you're excited about or what features you'd like to see from blender in the future.

I just love having that conversation with you guys if you like this video please remember to click that like button down below if you're new around here remember to click that subscribe button for new blender content every week as always thank.

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