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Basic Blender Tutorial 2 9

Basic blender tutorial 2 9

Please just go to the website that is is free software that is free open source so friends can download it for learning purposes or to work just click download here.

Later maybe friends time to see this video is different version again but more or less like this is how to download it there is a description also for other versions especially for other OS such as Mac OS Linux.

Steam for minus itself there is three options here that the version that must be installed portable version means that the friends do not need to install it and also available in the Microsoft Store But basically all the same and friends know that the blender version 2.8 and above it's already a 64-bit.

So friends who use the 32bit version of Windows can use the new blender software for friends who want to see the old version or download the old versions can check on it here.

There is a previous version of friends can see there here there is an old version with my friend this will come here all blender version one until the last version just choose to use the version which clicks here.

Basic Blender Tutorial 2 9

Later live in the download want to know the required specifications or requirement ya can check here there is a requirement button here there is a description yes bring this blender software can be used in all OS also here.

There is a minimum requirement until there is an optimal for the minimum specifications that are for my South Korea processor this is the Core i3 version for its ram 4 Giga minimum and VGA is a minimum of 1 Giga.

It is recommended to use this recommendation that is to use the Core i5 or optimal it will be much better once okay it's yes at a glance about blender software there seems to be a lot here that friends can know as for example for its long-term service support.

How to install it easy yes very quickly only 180 Mega earlier If not wrong now we see in the blender software, yes So this is a blender software after it is installed then opened but to make sure that the software I use is the same as that of friends use.

I will do the name reset Factory friend who has installed blender software before this then do a little change to it's no additional at on and others so that we do the same we do reset first yes how we click the file menu here.

It is defo and here there is a load Factor when we click load factory setting then the look of our blender software is now the same no but I will make a little change so that the friends are comfortable at the time of viewing this tutorial.

Basic Blender Tutorial 2 9

But friends do not follow this yes I will make changes in edit preferences then in the interface I will enlarge the resolution can be a bit bigger and also next I will make changes also for tips color I change to Lite if now is a dark version of powder that sees this is a light version so that friends comfortable in looking at the tutorial can try another yes here.

There is a look for maharaja software although it is not similar yes in terms of color commander their swap image continues yes Okay I use another and I click save here.

Francis now the look of our blender software is the same well I will start explaining here that the interface or the appearance there is a menu or the largest of these the most dominant is the 3D viewport whose objects are on its left here.

Basic Blender Tutorial 2 9

There tuh where we object we can shift objects like this but the same rotation scale and others then at the top here there are tabs yes there are a lot of tabs here there is a cost for modeling editing and so on we return to the most left layout food here, there is offline.

Yes, what ya management objects like the screen here there are many settings that we will later use at the bottom here there is a timeline name we later create an animation put keyframe set the duration here also there is playback and other displays or interfaces of blender software 2.8 2.9.

More or less the same Next I will Explain the navigation view of friends to use this software can press using the Mouse that has the middle button or Scroll in the middle does not use Mouse Yes.

Actually still can but it would be much better if using the Mouse the first way to do zooming like this is to use the Mouse Scroll just into the exit then he will zoom in zoom out.

If you don't use the mouse here there is a button to zoom in and zoom out next is to rotate the view like this using the middle click on the mouse the other way that is by using the circle here.

We just click drag and lastly To swipe say right to left up down it using the middle click on the mouse and also the keyboard shift another way is to use the hand image here so that the view can be shifted navigation for the next view caption for object transformation.

 To shift the object rotate and scale to reform on the left here there is an image of an arrow whose name is a move to use this move tool when we select this object we will see here there are arrows that are green blue and red these arrows are axes.

Axis we see also in the upper right corner here also there are the same colors there is Z their y and there is X So if for example really the blue one also with the z-axis and so on if we want to know the object we can use rotation tools.

Yes we can mutation online like this food first next to the scale we can use the skill tu where Here there are also arrows yes green and red we can pull to make changes in the scale of objects.

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