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Tutorial Blender 2.9 Download | Introduction, How to Install, and Blender 2.9.1 Initial Settings

Blender 2.9 Download

Tutorial Blender 2.9 Download | Introduction, How to Install, and Blender 2.9.1 Initial Settings
Tutorial Blender 2.9 Download | Introduction, How to Install 
and Blender 2.9.1 Initial Settings

Tutorial Blender 2.9 Download - This is the first video of a 3D neck blender for beginners in this video containing an introduction to blender software and then how to install the latest version of blender that is version 2.9 then run the blender software first and do the initial settings for fast or good performance.

material on this video will be delivered step-by-step to be easy to understand and follow directions to install the first hold we have to download it first open the browser and type
Enter blender 2.9 immediately appears, but before downloading it we need to know this software first, here it is mentioned a blender is open-source software for 3D design which means it can be downloaded for free.

Then it is also explained that blenders support all kinds of 3D designs including rigging modeling, simulation animation, rendering, composting, Essien and drag trackers even video editing, and very complete game creation.

Yes, the next feature of this printer software here is also information that the blender is cross-platform or cross-platform which means it can be installed on a Linux computer, Windows, or Mac.

This one that makes blender very popular is used to create our next 3D animations to the software download page click download here there is also very important information to know before installing Blender 2.9.

Here informed laptop or pc specs needed to install blender 2.9 is for a minimum spec of 64-bit dual-core 2 GHz GPU 43 B Trump and display size at least 1280 x 768 then graphic candy at least 1 GB RAM.

Then for the recommended system that is with 64-bit, quad-core CPU and ram 16 GB and graphic card 43, while for an optimal device that is PC or laptop with spec 64-bit export CPU then RAMnya 32 GB.

Graphic cardnya 12, while for the average display laptop or PC is currently sized above this figure or at least 1280 Ali 768 is then here is also conveyed the support card graphics are Nvidia, AMD,, Intel Mac OS,

Then to the download page and here select the blender installer that matches the type of laptop operating system or pc for example this laptop uses the Windows operating system then choose Blender 2.9 which is Windows but if not Windows.

Choose a suitable operating system, here the written installer file for Windows is quite small which is 161 MB, so the download time will not take long yes if it's suitable directly click to download only.

Hi the download process has started to wait for the download process to finish yes after the download process is complete directly open the download folder where to save the printer installer file here for example saved on the desktop to install it directly double click, click next, check next then click install wait a while installation 

Oh yes, the installation process has been completed click finish and we just open the blender software yes this is the look of the blender software 3D when opened this is a splash screen of the blender version 2.9 and then around this, there are a lot of tools from the blender or user interface graphics that explain the details of each.

All that needs to be done is to do the initial settings so that the blender performance is good or fast to do the first setting we close this splash screen click anywhere and click edit preferences if you click the system then select cycle render device here the settings are adjusted to the GPU of each laptop or PC.

For example horses for CPU from Nvidia or optics or for example on this laptop using ATI Radeon make sure in front of Punya this is in the checklist after okay then close, Oh yes this is the end of this first video blender learning tutorial for beginners was already a little familiar blender know the requirements of the system and then install and do the initial settings.

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