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How to Apply Texture in Blender 2.91.2 Download Step by step


I'll teach you how to put a texture of a 3D object inside Blender 2.91.2 a very simple very fast way And then and here our home screen Blender 2.91.2, we can have template Sakineh to select what we want to do Jenner or even what is already here ago.

You have to in both to carve make video effects and edit video gum of it well complete it with Several various features so we'll fill up we don't have a standard cube that already has the stuff in it but it's a delete and create a new type of air and stir plane and here's done.

We'll go here to smell tab you've already changed right ours you do and down here our full of credit you can create new material or use one that already exists what dear our body the pattern select it's smooth as a texture in it.

We can talk about it in this environment here with the mouse in this safe place shift a tec image text Click with the left button to add it's seeing here that has some yellow ball balls Yellow Maria yellow also our smell here is the texture here is the martyrdom the race that color for the color base and press Open inside your computer.

You think Launcher only the image taste I'll get this street painting Let's make a street there and in the images has already been applied I want to take this grass this Terrinha that has on the side then complete knows how to squeeze set to go to the view of the top to act to move this. 

It's just i want you to go just this one below g y to move only on the y axis is seeing here our textures stretched so press the right button not to confirm the action comes here oh I did correct Facebook and now happen tightens.

You manage to move your dots right that are jeff's have problem né fight do not think any 3D modeling editing software you'll have convert hex Red Face right air tá G squeeze Y promote only on-chip 1 and puts there to remove the You goes down a little to remove and we have our texture tightens Tab to go back to object mode and can see that it's already cool as hell because.

I did not take here o the backlight the reflection is very smooth is a texture is to give a relief we already have the good texture so let's apply this texture here in our normal to make the relief right It's yes create an o and without creating more polygon in is with.

Our image with a polygon just right a square and we take this Cola and take there for normal so we do this strange we do we come Pink and to take this oil overoil and on top of that we can go better control the texture cancer applied as Chief you love Vector bank if you click here its check but nothing happens but you drag on that line he added in the middle of it.

And then you already have something else working there however it's still the same So let's take the Norma from the bank and put in English height Look how cool it was because that's where it was created and decrease the strength of the hair well a little detail and with cool right now yes the low people hofner to know.

If we want a brighter object one or more or opaque Lion I think yes né baku is opaque so a reflex Is there's six understanding can not control that I'll leave almost novelty but still like And then And then I'll disable for you to see.

And then if you take the cool relief right the guys is that if you liked the tutorial subscribes on the channel gives alike and if you want to create your own game from scratch you know nothing but you want to learn from scratch using Blender 2.91.2, you have a game development course.

That this here o And there and this here is the course development of games 3.1 is the link here in the description for you know you will have 20 video lessons plus a handout with content to hell and does not miss this opportunity does not enter the description will know better there you will like damn especially you are this guy.

Who wants to learn how to make your own game from scratch and think you played Playstation your game is this their thanks Again I Good morning.

Blender 2.91.2 Download

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